Public Engagement Toolkit

Marshall-Shadeland / Brightwood

Successful outreach provides multiple opportunities for involvement, enabling people to participate in the way that works best for them. The toolkit was developed through the work of the Public Engagement Working Group convened by the City of Pittsburgh and represents best practices in outreach and involvement as defined by that group of experts and stakeholders. This overview provides a basic understanding of tools that can be used to engage the broader public during the planning process. For each outreach technique used, the planning team should consider employing online equivalents that allow those who cannot attend to receive the same information and have similar opportunities to provide input as those who were in attendance. For all public engagement, consider how you will monitor the efficacy of your engagement strategy to make adjustments as necessary. This is often achieved through Exit Surveys provided in person or digitally, but other strategies should be considered.

During its first few meetings, the Steering Committee will select the tools they would like to utilize for each stage of the planning process and generate a Public Engagement Plan that includes roles and responsibilities for all members of the Steering Committee. This will be determined at the beginning of the process to ensure that everyone agrees how to proceed and what their role is. This agreement begins the process of co-creation and capacity building that will be carried throughout the planning process and into implementation.

For more information about public engagement, review the Public Engagement Strategy on the DCP website at This document provides public engagement guidance for a wide variety of City initiatives.

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